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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School

School Student Council

At Sherbourne Fields we are very proud of our student council which has been active and effective for many years. The formulation of the Sherbourne Fields Student Council came from our firm belief in empowering our pupils to have a voice that could and should be heard.

Through our student council forum, it is important that we also give our pupils the opportunity to develop and demonstrate a wide range of key skills including very importantly their leadership skills.


Everyone can get involved in our student council and take part at some point during their school life. Opportunities for participation in student council start in Year 6 and as students’ progress through school, they will have wider opportunities to develop their role which includes;

  • coaching others, including primary school children
  • representing school in a wide range of activities
  • working towards becoming Head Girl or Head Boy
  • siting on interview panels for new staff
  • allowing pupils to steer change in their school
  • being part of the Special School Advisory Board to steer change locally

The role of the Sherbourne Fields Student Council is to listen to and represent the views of all of the pupils in our school. Pupils who are elected for student council are keen to make a significant contribution to improving the overall achievement of pupils across school helping to ensure they have a rich, varied and enjoyable experience while they are here. All pupils at Sherbourne are given the opportunity to express themselves, formulate arguments and represent the views of others. Pupils elected to the student council can take that a stage further, discussing relevant topics with pupils and staff from across school and feeding that back to their peers.

In recent years the members of the Student Council have discussed and agreed on their values which reflect their vision: -


  • We are loyal
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are helpful
  • We are constructive
  • We are determined
  • We are friendly
  • We are supportive
  • We are here to make the school you want
  • We are listening


How is the School Council organised?

Each class nominates two representatives and a class election takes place at the start of each academic year. The Head Girl and Head Boy are voted in by the council and they then lead the student council meetings.

The Student Council meets once a half term, they meet with their tutor groups before the meeting and issues which the pupils would like them to focus on in their meeting are discussed. The Head Girl and Head Boy collate this information and create an agenda. Key senior staff who will have influence in certain areas such as finance, catering and pupil wellbeing are invited to the student Council meetings should this be appropriate. Following the meeting council members are given areas to lead and action for the next meeting supported by the Head Girl and Head Boy.


All student council members have opportunities to take part in pupil voice projects, participate in teaching and learning activity reviews, sit on interview panels and become ambassadors for key issues that affect everyone in school.

In the past pupils have been instrumental in developing the changes to the school uniform, the school facilities and teaching and learning tasks.


Although these are different times that we are currently living in, we recognise that it is important, now more than ever to ensure our pupils have a forum to contribute to and a voice that is heard.


We look forward to the year ahead and to the value that our pupils bring to the ever changing landscape of our school.