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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School


Governors updated their Committee Constitution as follows:

Looked After Children Governor
Dave Rounsley

Link Governor
David Jackson     

Target Setting
Jayne Garner

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection
Dave Rounsley

Health and Safety

Classroom Visit Coordinator
Jayne Garner

New Governor Mentor
Jayne Garner

Performance Management Governors
Dave Rounsley, Roger Hughes, Jayne Garner

Performance Review Officer
Amanda Crilly     

Staff Governors

Shivaun Duffy Moriarty (Head Teacher)
Claire Antrobus (Deputy Head Teacher)
Lynne Kennedy (School Business Manager)

Governors agreed to have responsibility for specific Key Stages for Literacy and Numeracy.  

Pupil Discipline, Staff Dismissal/Complaints, and Staff Appeals: Any three Governors from the pool available of non-staff Governors.

Each Phase had a nominated governor as follows:



Phase Leader


Dave Rounsley

Sara Nelmes


Jayne Garner

Sara Nelmes


David Jackson 

Linzi Savage


Amanda Crilly

Andy Lewis


Jenny Cooke

Jodie Lynch


Jayne Garner - Chair of Governors

Governor since: 2006

I have been a governor for many years now, firstly at Tiverton and then Sherbourne Fields.

I am a parent of a young man with severe learning difficulties including communication problems so I have been through the process since nursery age.

I became a governor so that I could better understand the workings of the school, their finances and the decision making process around his education.

I have learned a great deal during my time as a governor and would like to continue to serve Sherbourne in the coming years even though my son will move on.

I have also had a daughter go through the mainstream process and gone on to University in Oxford where she got 2:1 inJapanese, she now lives and works in Oxford.

My primary role before becoming a mum was managing offices and staff in the travel sector.

Jenny Cooke - Governor

Governor since: 2010

Experience & Skill Set:

I work as a youth development manager for the National Deaf Children's Society

About Me:

I have two small children and enjoy working at the National Deaf Children's Society.


When i was 18 i worked at the local authorities children's club based at the school and I fell in love with the ethos of the Sherbourne Fields. I was desperate to stay involved, so I went on to work at the youth club based on site and then became a governor about 8 years ago. I'm really proud to be part of a dedicated governing body who are as passionate as I am about supporting such a great school.

Mandy Crilly - Parent Governor

Governor since: 2014

Experience & Skill Set:

 I have worked in local government, in the library service for over 30 years.

About me:

 I have 3 children, my eldest daughter has got Downs Syndrome and attended Sherbourne Fields for her secondary education years.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, I think that goes with the job. I run round after my children, and I attend planning sessions and events run by Grapevine.


I am proud to be a governor at this school, I feel that I am paying something back. It is great to be part of a team that works to ensure we create an environment of positive and empowered learning for our children and an environment for the teachers where they can develop their skills.

Shivaun Duffy Moriarty - Staff Governor

Head Teacher - Sherbourne Fields School

After completing my PGCE at Middlesex University specialising in SEND over 20 years ago I have taught across a range of ages and abilities as well as being a senior leader in outstanding special schools in both London and Coventry.

With a wealth of teaching, leadership and advisory experience, I have built up a successful and extensive record of working with teaching and support staff to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

As Head Teacher of Sherbourne Fields, a primary and secondary specialist school, I continue to be passionate about achieving better life chances and quality learning experiences for pupils with SEND.

I deliver SEND training for the PGCE and School Direct programmes for the University of Warwick and continue to be passionately involved in local and national initiatives and debate around developing a relevant and challenging education for all.


Paul Ingleston - Parent Governor

Governor since: 2017

Experience & Skill Set

Business Administration, Communications/Media – Coaching and Trainer, in–house DSE assessor

About Me:

I have been employed in the private sector for almost 40 years,  small, medium and large companies, the last 20 years in a FTSE 100 listed company, latterly in administration, where public safety is our number 1 priority.  In addition to my role here at Sherbourne Fields, I am also a Co-opted Governor at Stivichall Primary.  Roles and duties there have included being Resource Committee Chair and Link Governor.   On a personal level my son is currently a pupil here at Sherbourne. 


It is all about the children.  An education at any level offers a building block, or step, to a better understanding outside in the real world.  By learning from your mistakes, you can help others to prevent making their own mistakes.

Claire Antrobus- Staff Governor

Deputy Head Teacher - Sherbourne Fields School

Governor since: 2013

I feel that Governors link the school with the community, and play a key role in the effectiveness of the school.  The governing body’s job is to look at all aspects of the school’s performance and ensure it is achieving its full potential as well as working with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team to provide strategic leadership and accountability.

As Deputy Head I am extremely proud and privileged to be able to play a key role in maintaining and developing the excellent reputation that Sherbourne Fields has amongst the local community. We have a superb and highly committed team of governors and an extremely enthusiastic, hard working dynamic group of staff. We all share a common vision and set of goals for Sherbourne Fields future and work hard to ensure that Sherbourne Fields remains an Outstanding school.

Our desire at Sherbourne Fields is that every child should reach their true potential and this ideal is the foundation of everything we do. The children never cease to amaze me with what they can achieve.

Roger Hughes - Governor, Local Authority

Experience & Skill Set

I worked in various local authorities for 36 years and have since held governance roles in a number of public and voluntary sector organisations. My most recent paid roles required skills in policy development and performance management, but I have also been a full time equality officer and a librarian.  I am now a fulltime volunteer in Samaritans and work across the West Midlands, principally to support people in prisons. 

About Me:   

I am a widower with three grown up children and five grandchildren.  My son is autistic and attended Tiverton school in Coventry before transferring to residential education because his needs could not be met locally at the time.

To help ensure that everyone at Sherbourne Fields can achieve to their full potential

Lynne Kennedy- Staff Governor

School Business Manager - Sherbourne Fields School

Following a successful career as a Group General Manager for an independent hotel company, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a career in education. Having successfully completed a Level 3 and Level 5 in School Business Management (through the National College for Teaching and Leadership), I was appointed School Bursar within a Warwickshire Primary School where I was able to grow my skills within an educational setting.


I have been employed as the School Business Manager at Sherbourne Fields School since October 2009 and I am extremely proud of the my achievements at the school. Along with the day to day management of the whole school finance and administration, I am the Lead School Coordinator for our Special School Direct Partnership and our Inclusive Teaching School.

Dave Rounsley - Governor, Safeguarding

Governor since: 1999

Experience & Skill Set:

20 years experience working as a social worker before becoming a team manager of the Safeguarding team in Tamworth Staffs.

About me:

At home we were Coventry Foster Carers for nearly 20 years and when one of the foster children started Sherbourne I became a Parent Governor and after a few years became Chair of Governor’s for 12 years.

I am currently Governor responsible for Safeguarding.

David Jackson - Community Governor

Governor Since: 2011

Experience & Skill Set: Public Sector - Emergency Services – Ambulance

About Me:

Thirty years of working in the community in which I live has brought me into contact with all sections of society.  I feel this gives me some understanding of the circumstances in which people live and the difficulties that they may face.  As a school governor I represent the interests of Sherbourne Fields School.  I attend meetings at the school, the Local Authority and the SEN Governors Network to represent the wider interests of SEN schools in the Coventry area.


As a parent I recognize the importance of children having access to a good education, so they can develop to their full potential.  This is not just for children’s own lives but for the benefit of society as a whole.

Paul Doolan - Staff Governor

Health & Safety Governor - Sherbourne Fields School

Governor since: 2019

I am a teaching assistant in key stage 5 at Sherbourne fields school.

I have five wonderful children and 1 beautiful granddaughter.

Previously I worked as a firefighter in Coventry for 27 years.


It is an honour to have been selected as a school governor and I will take this opportunity to continue the great  work of my predecessers,

Sherbourne fields school is an amazing environment to work in, from the fantastic students to the superb staff and I feel very blessed that I work here.

Personally I like to see the students enjoying themselves at school and being able to access all the opportunities that are available to them, and long may that continue.