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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School

Summer Building Work complete

The buidling work over the summer is now complete, and the areas are almost ready for full use!

Over the summer, we had some extensive internal work done.

The central area that was mainly used for the physio's has been rebuilt to incorporate a new physio area with separate bays, a new gymnasium area, two new meeting rooms and an extension to the current library.

The work is now finished, and the rooms are in use, and look fabulous. Thankyou to Crowngate Construction for their great work! 

The gym equipment has been ordered, and should be with us before half term.

The library extension has given us alot more space and having ICT in the room allows for a greater, more interactive use of the room with small groups during the day.

The new physio bays now allow for the physio's to work in individual bays in privacy with the youngsters.

The two new meeting rooms are multi purpose, and have a sliding central door, allowing for use as one large room, or two smaller rooms, and can be used for group work during the day aswell.

Please have a look at some photos of the work and the new areas in the attached file!