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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School

Day 4 - Ingleborough

Final Peak Conquered!!!

Well our fourth day has been just splendid! 

We woke to another morning of beautiful sunshine. 

This immediately lifted the spirits of the whole group. We were looking forward to our final climb of the challenge - Ingleborough. 

We made an early start to make the most of the lovely weather. 

The walk began from the lovely village of Ingleton. We headed up the green slopes toward the start of the main sections of the climb. 

Once we hit the steeper rocky sections of the climb, we really had to stick together and work as a team. 

The higher sections of the slope were very rocky, shaly steps, so we really had to be on our toes - literally. 

We worked together as a unit, supporting each other and offering each other a helping hand.


After a few false dawns of reaching the top of a climbing section, only to be greeted by another section to climb, we finally scaled the final section of Ingleborough and we had hit the summit. 

We had done what we had set out to do. In three days, we have climbed the three peaks of the Yorkshire Dales! 

What an outstanding group of students, with a fabulous bunch of supporting staff. With all of the students facing their own daily challenges, seeing them face yet another mammoth daily challenge for each of the three days, is actually astounding. 

They all accomplished these challenges with aplomb. 

We now look forward to our meal as a team tonight, then head back to school tomorrow, all sufficiently proud of what we have achieved! 

For now, we end our final blog and it is now time to pass the buck to next years challenge team, and wherever it may take them!