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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School

Day 3 - Whernside

Day 3 - The ascent of a wet, foggy and windy Whernside.

“The difference a day makes”. Never has a quote had such a true ringing!

We awoke this morning to the sound of rain! Sweeping across the lodge park with a wind to match.

We had our breakfast and then packed our sacks ready for the second of our climbs.

Just after 8.30am, our visiting guest walker arrived, George Herd, the CEO of Farmfoods. He would be joining us for this second stint of our challenge.

The whole team met in the boys lodge to go over the plan for the day, and to view the days map. We then spoke about the days weather forecast and the proposed times of our climb. We thought we would make sure everything is ready and packed, and as soon as we saw a break in the weather, we would hop on the minibus and head for the mountain.

The peak for the second day was Whernside. A different prospect than Pen-y-Ghent yesterday, with a more grassy relentless slope incline, as opposed to the more staggered stepped paths we had previously experienced.

We arrived at the mountain with the weather against us. The rain had been joined by a thick fog and a bitterly cold wind. This made our start all the more difficult.  The hilly start was persistent but got worse as we gradually climbed. The challenge for all the team the sheer steepness of the slope, coupled with the appalling weather conditions. The visibility at this point was so bad, at times the walkers at back of the group, could not even see the walkers at the front!

After two hours of our gruelling climb, we finally reached the top of the slope and joined the Penine Way, which led us to the summit of this unforgiving mountain. The path here was much more favourable and gifted us a break from the horrific wind, which had hounded us from the start.

We finally reached the summit marker and had our photograph taken with the school banner. The weather at this point was still very wet and windy, but we were all delighted to have reached the top.

As we descended the mountain, it was then that we caught the first glimpse of the sunshine that had been hiding behind all the fog.  The further down we got, the clearer it became. By the time we reached the lower slopes, we were greeted with some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, most if which we had no idea we had passed on the way up.

The team remained positive and showed true Sherbourne spirit as they made their way to the base of what had proven to be a challenge that they had risen too.

We must thank George for coming along today and experiencing one of our Sherbourne Challenges. Staff and students enjoyed chatting with him, and learning more about him. He was really brilliant with our youngsters, and could quite often be found offering a balancing arm over a stream, or offering words of encouragement. He really was one of the team today!

We had a celebratory hot drink in the local café, and enjoyed the sunshine. This also allowed us a great view of Ingleborough, which is our third and final peak to conquer tomorrow.

Please see the montage of todays photos below :)