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Sherbourne Fields School

Sherbourne Fields School

Day 2 - Pen-y-Ghent

First peak of the challenge - complete


This years challenge team has some new faces, both with the staff and also the students. 
The group has gelled right from the off, and it was a really enjoyable start to the challenge week yesterday.

Tuesday began with  an early start. 6.30am breakfast and then bags checked ready to go.

The weather at sunrise was beautiful, with the sun breaking through the trees surrounding the lodges this morning. An omen for a beautiful day?

After the 25 minute drive to the car park at the base of Pen-y-ghent, we kitted up, had our customary pep talk from polar explorer and friend of the school, Mark Wood, and began on our trek. 


The early start really helped us, and allowed us to make the most of the lovely weather as we made our way to the steeper sections of the climb. 

We found ourselves with the base of the summit climb in sight by 9am, which was fantastic.

At this point, spirits were high, everyone was enjoying the hike, and the weather had held with the sunshine still adorning the group. The wind, however, had a chill in it, so we had to keep moving to keep our temperatures up. 

Once we hit the steep sumit ascent, we really had to knit together as a group, with words of encouragement, and a helping hand when required. The steps up were steep, and unruly, and the path very thin in places. Students and Staff paired up to ensure they were all reassured and had support as and when they needed it. Smiles still beamed throughout, even on the tricky sections!

As always, this would not deter our group of budding adventurers, and 10 minutes or so later, we had scaled the steep climbing section, and then began the shallower ascent to the peak of Pen-y-ghent

We reached the structure of the top, in what seemed like no time at all. We were really flying today, and to make it even better, we managed to hit a peak with the sun still shining, and not getting blown off! 

Out came our banner as the group posed for our peak photo. Way to go Sherbourne!


The walk down was just as amazing as the ascent. Enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful views of the surrounding Yorkshire hillsides. 

We had made such impressive time on our first climb, we decided that we would take a visit to the viaduct at Ribblehead on our way back to the lodges. Having admired the lovely view from the top, we took a walk down the path to the bottom of the viaduct, to see the impressive structure up close.

We are now back at the lodges, and are getting nice warm showers and fresh clothes on. We will now have a rest this afternoon and evening, in preparation to do this all again tomorrow as we hit another peak. 
The weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking to be as kind as we had today, with rain and high winds expected.

We must add, that the new staff in the group have slotted in nicely, and have enjoyed being part of the team.
The new students that have joined the group this year have also been amazing. They are all getting along as a very tight-nit group of students, and it is so nice to see students from different year groups all interacting, supporting, joking and generally being great friends to one another.

Check back again tomorrow to see how we got on on our second climb, and please enjoy some images from today's action below.